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YOU Got To Love Twins

You Got to Love Twins

By Mike - Aug 10, 2009 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 16059 Hi, my name is Mike. I am 19 years old, black , tall, pretty built, and have a 9 inch cock. The story I'm about to tell you is 100% true.
One day I decided to go to the movies to see a horror film. So before the movie starts, two girls walk in with a low mini skirt with a low cut shirt. They sat right in front of me. Throughout the whole movie, I was just thinking about fucking them. So the movie ended and walk outside, where I see both of the girls outside smoking. So I walked over to them to introduce my self but there tits were so fucking huge. They were twins. Looked just a like. I asked them there names, one of them said Candace and the other one said Melissa. I told them my name and asked him if they wanted to come over to my house because my parents weren't around for the week. They said no problem and we walked to my house. But while walking to my house, the girls said they loved to exposed their body. Both of them took their shirts off and started jogging the block. So I knew from there we were definitely going to have a good time.
Once we get in the house, both of them still have their shirts off. "Where's the bathroom?" asked Melissa. Upstairs to your right I responded back. Melissa went upstairs. Me and Candace goes and sit on the couch. I turned the TV on and turned to some damn movie. Me and Candace watching the movie, where I then realized Candace went to sleep. I got up and went to go pick her up when I heard a little moan. I walked upstairs and peeked in the bathroom. Melissa wasn't there. So I was thinking she probably was tired and went to go to sleep too. I peeked into room and saw Melissa fingering herself with one hand, with the other rubbing her tits. I went to go back downstairs like nothing happened when she yelled, "You might as well come in and have some fun". She didn't have to tell me twice. I jumped on top of her and we start kissing. Exchanging spit, her tongue met hers mine, and my dick got hard immediately.
I started to go down on her her my tongue going her from her lips to her tits. I put my tongue on her tit and started sucking the shit out of it. I went down some more until my tongue touched her labia. She went nuts. I teased her with my tongue. I went to look at her, but she had her head back, eyes rolling. I licked the outside of her pussy for a while and then muffled my face in her pussy until I found her clit. As sound as I my clit hit her wet dripping pussy, she let out a loud moan. I kept on going and sucked on her clit until she cummed all over my face. I took my clothes over and told her to get ready for the biggest dick she probably ever got fucked by. She looked amazed as she watched me grip my 9 inch dick. She took my dick in her hands, first squeezing it. She licked the head of it and the shaft for a while. Finally she put it in her mouth and start sucking I put my hands at the back of her head, and pushed. She started gagging, but I didn't give a fuck. I didn't care if this bitch puked all her insides out. She was taking all over by know. I told her to got on all fours. She did. I put my dick in her pussy and start ramming it in and out here pussy."FUCK ME HARDER". Once she said that I smacked her ass and took a big pull out her pussy and then rammed so hard back in."YES, FUCK ME, she yelled. I wrapped my arms around her waist and fondled with her tits. I kept on her fucking her until I knock came at the door, I looked and saw Candace at the door, smiling. "Started the fun without me" she said and laughed. Walked over and tongue kiss her sister. Once I saw that I lost my mind. Candace laid in front of Melissa with here legs up in the air. Melissa licking her sister's cunt. I put my dick in Melissa's ass. She said she was an anal virgin and told me to be careful. But I didn't give a fuck so I put my dick and rammed it in. She was hollering at the top of her lungs. I cummed all over her ass. Candace jumped up excited and said "My Turn". She got on her knees and sucked the shit out of my dick. She was way better than her sister. 5 minutes gone by and she said she wanted to be on top. I laid on my back and Candace crawled on top of me.
She put my dick in her pussy and started jumping up and down. I put my hands and squeezed her tits and begin to lick them. "AWWWWWW, FUCK ME HARD MIKE, HARDER". I started putting in effort. She cummed all over my dick, I told her I was about to cum but she didn't get up. Fuck it I thought. So I cummed all in her pussy. She got up and walked over to Melissa. They started kissing. Squeezing both of their tits. Tongues exchanging spit. I got hard again and told both of them to get on their knees. They both took turns taking my dick in their mouth. I fucked both of them one more time, that night and cummed all over their pretty faces. Ever since that day, I fuck both of them every other day. That's why you got to love twins.

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