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Song Mountain wood investigating alleged rape nude home several thousand copies of Tibet - Song Moun

Song Mountain wood investigating alleged rape nude home several thousand copies of Tibet - Song Moun

In accordance with the description of Laayoune, at 20 o'clock on the May 3rd around, Song Mountain, Luohu District, Wood took her to Pine Springs Apartment 3 Room 809, "cleaning", then coercion, photographed nude and implementation of violence. "This is halfway up the mountain" - Luo Yun quoted the mountain woods of intimidation, the original was not empty words - Bai road reporter yesterday to visit the Pine Springs Apartments, site of the incident three depths in plot takes two to climb to the steep staircase to the height where Loudong. This building, built in the last century, old 90's 9 layers, the bottom of the elevator buttons have been damaged, mottled walls inside the building, the night of May 3 raised doubts in Laayoune. "I found his room and placed something very familiar, very clearly told me where washing powder, so I left blood on the towel after washing. This room so old, he is certainly not the kind of rich people lived, but he should come here often. "Luo Yun speculation has been confirmed Loudong staff, is responsible for three district health clean-up of Miss Liu to work in two or three years, she had noted 809 Room owner exception. "He often came back with a young girl, not the same every time, usually once a month or two will appear, usually on an empty closed room. Insider said: interior in the name of making subordinate to shoot nude photos "Description of each timber to the mountain to the company of a beautiful girl, he would give financial incentives." Wooden mountain training in Shenzhen work in the phrase amazing little light. Small described it as the usual threats to mountain wood. "When he wanted to start with, when a girl will be the first to buy her a lot of expensive brand-name clothes, the material to meet her, then took her on location shoot, the girls lower alert after heart, he will be brought one of several properties, known as 'shoot interior' is actually nude. the one hand, he will be the name of triad coercion, on the other hand, he will try to find the girl's boyfriend that way, many girls succumb a. " "Mountain wood open sports car, with five or six girls on location, but only picked up My friend went to shoot interior, the former a few very normal, but soon Hill Wood told her to take off your coat, but also constantly moving hands feet, "said the little light, thanks friend wit, it escaped, " she told Hill Wood, first broke up with boyfriend, 'If it had not his thoughts threshold', Hill Wood said, 'then I shoot the first few '. My friend had no choice but says he is coming period, convenient clothes off lower body, only to shoot a few upper mountain wood. " According to Small, said the day after the resignation of women friends, at first not allowed, then gave up the salaries of entry until after the forced departure. "Do not know these photos are still alive, I know, his house thousands of sheets of different nude girls, there are massage stick these adult Toy , Said to have installed so nurses uniforms. "
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