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Witness To A College Girl Whipping

Witness to a College Girl Whipping

By phantastique - Feb 15, 2009 - From spanking-stories. Spanking stories - Views - 63459 The flight from Don Muang to Chiang Mai was rather pleasant in first class. Even though the welts on her bottom had mostly faded away during the last three days, Simone still felt a little sore sitting on her backside. She was wearing a Ralph Lauren outfit just purchased in a Bangkok mall: Thompson skinny jeans that hugged her curves like a second skin, designed to show off her backside. The ankle-high black leather boots had four inch heels that clicked noisily wherever Simone walked, drawing the staring and admiring eyes of strangers. The red t-shirt she was wearing stretched tight over her perky breasts and was short enough to leave her belly button bare.
One of the onlookers staring after Simone noticed the expensive saddle leather belt with brass buckle Simone was wearing, two inches wide and perfectly fitting the loops of her jeans. In his mind that belt invited fantasies of Simone unbuckling it and handing it over to him; he would take it double while she leaned against a wall, spread her legs and arched the small of her back. With an air of defiance she would stick out her proud jeans bottom for as long as would be required to lash her proud swelling ass into submission. Then he would pull down her expensive designer jeans and continue on her bare bottom, each lash with such strength that it would leave a broad angry red welt on her ass cheeks. And he would not stop until he com completed a tapestry of red and ruby stripes that criss- crossed each other and covered every spot of her proud bottom.
Yes, walking behind a girl like Simone invited such violent fantasies in a natural way. Simone knew this and as a result she made sure to sway her hips with every step as she walked with Anthony towards the luggage carousel. She was finally in Chiang Mai. She passed the first tests of obedience and wantonness. Now she was going to be trained so severely even she could not imagine in her masochistic fantasies. When she got whipped with the slim bamboo cane back in Bangkok, dressed like a schoolgirl except for her ass bare; that almost took her to the limit of what she could endure. That caning was more like a little spanking compared to how she would be punished here. Yet she came on her own will. Because here she was the center of attention. And she loved being that.
There was already a chauffeur waiting in the arrival hall, holding up a sign for Anthony and Simone. The chauffeur took their luggage to the black Mercedes limousine and Simone enjoyed the sight of the countryside, going north for about an hour before turning onto a private road that led to the Chiang Mai Institute. It was a secluded resort with an iron gate that the chauffeur opened with a remote. In the distance Simone could see the stylish resort and a large stable behind it. There were acres of landscaped trails and woods, perfect for horseback riding. Simone could hardly wait.
The limousine came to a stop in the circular driveway right in front of the main house. An elegant Japanese looking woman in a business suit greeted them and showed them to their room. She introduced herself as Mistress Himiko. Rather than relax from the trip Simone wanted to see the horses right away. Himiko smiled and asked her to wait a second while she went to another room at the end of the hallway. Although the door was closed Simone could hear Mistress Himiko speaking loudly to someone, as if scolding a child for bad behavior. In between Simone heard the sound of a couple of slaps. A minute later Himiko returned holding the hand of a raven-haired young looking beauty.
“Simone, this is Hana. Hana will be delighted to show you the horses and take you for a ride. You should wear some real boots though. You’ll find a pair in the tack room. Have fun! ”
Hana turned out to be a nineteen year old Japanese girl fresh out of high school. She was in her third month of a one year contract, working as a hostess at the institute. Simone noticed the outline of Himiko’s fingers on Hana’s cheek; she got a good slap for sure. Hana introduced herself and then she walked ahead of Simone, along the red brick pathway towards the stable.
Hana was obviously subject to discipline, yet she walked with the knowing swagger of a street slut. Her riding pants were white in color and looked like they were a size too small. The cloth stretched like a second skin over her little schoolgirl ass and was drawn tight around her tiny waist with a slim leather belt. Hana didn’t talk much but she smiled when she caught Simone staring at her backside. She showed Simone to the tack room to pick out a pair of riding boots.
“So, what kind of whip you like, Simone?” asked Hana with a knowing tone in her voice.
“I prefer this kind, ” Hana continued, “but they are not for riding.” Hana had picked up a long dressage whip designed for training horses. The four foot long handle reached from the floor to Hana’s waist. A single tail of braided leather extended from the long handle for about another five feet, tapering down over its length from half an inch to a thin tail of tail of hard braided leather thinner than a pencil. Hana rubbed her hand up and down the handle of the whip, seductively, and then slowly drew the tail of the whip through her hand.
“This kind of whip is used for training here, ” Hana whispered, “and I’m not talking about horses. See that saddle stand over there?”
Hana pointed the whip to a saddle mounted on a saddle stand. Simone noticed the wrist and ankle cuffs attached to the legs of the wooden stand. Hana walked over to the saddle and ran her hand over the smooth leather surface. “I haven’t been whipped for three weeks now, ” she said as if that were a normal matter of fact.
Hana became friendlier once they were riding on their horses, away from the stable and along a path towards a wooded area.
“I like your jeans, Simone. Ralph Lauren, right? Always wanted to have a pair of those. They fit you well. I wish my bottom were a little bigger, like yours, a perfect size.”
“But why, Hana? Your backside fits you perfectly. Like a schoolgirl. Most men like the schoolgirl look, petit like you. Makes you look younger.”
“Sure, ” Hana said leaning towards Simone, “but with a bottom like yours they’ll be more strict. They’ll punish you harder. Lucky girl!” Hana giggled, gave her horse a smack with the riding crop and changed into a gallop. Simone kept up with Hana and when they entered the trail into the woods they started riding slowly again, side by side. Simone noticed that Hana was sliding back and forth on her saddle, sometimes leaning forward and bouncing her crotch on the hard leather. Simone of course was enjoying herself also, but only when she was riding behind Hana did Simone grind herself in the saddle. After a while they came into a clearing in the woods and they stopped their horses for a break.
Hana seemed not at all ashamed about the large wet stain on the front of her pants.
“I’m only wearing tiny panties, that’s why, ” she announced and grabbed herself between her legs. “I bet you are wet too, it just doesn’t show through your jeans.” Simone gasped when she felt Hana’s hand on her crotch, rubbing the seam of the jeans over her pussy lips. Hana was an experienced masturbatrix and she massaged Simone with expert fingers. Pushing and rubbing, pinching Simone’s breast through the thin fabric, until Simone’s gushing orgasm also caused a big wet stain on the denim between her legs. The girls giggled.
Returning the favor Simone opened Hana’s shirt and sucked on the small but perky breasts of the Japanese girl. “Take me over your lap, Simone, ” Hana whispered into her ear.
Simone sat down on a tree stump and Hana got face down over her lap. Hana moaned while Simone caressed the curves of her ass, perfectly displayed by the thinly stretched cloth of her riding pants. Simone squeezed Hana’s little butt cheeks, first just a little and then firmly, getting louder moans out of Hana. Reaching between Hana’s legs, Simone rubbed the wet spot while Hana arched up her bottom and spread her legs wider. Simone put her other arm around Hana’s tiny waist to hold her tight while she spanked her. The peaceful clearing in the woods echoed the firm smacks that landed in a steady rhythm on Hana’s wriggling schoolgirl ass. Simone spanked her until she could feel the heat from Hana’s bottom on her hand. Then she grabbed Hana’s crotch again and rubbed her until the Japanese girl let out a scream of lust as she reached orgasm.
Hana’s body jerked for several seconds and the gushing orgasm soaked the front of her pants with sticky juices. Hana was panting with satisfaction. Simone didn’t know, but Hana was certain that she was going to be punished for her stained riding pants. The pleasure of her orgasm was going to be rewarded with a whip or with a cane. She didn’t know which one, but she was not afraid.
Both women smiled with satisfaction as they slowly rode back to the stable. Mistress Himiko was already waiting for them, Anthony by her side. After putting the horses back into their berths, Mistress Himiko ordered Hana to spread her legs. She pointed her riding crop to the large stain on Hana’s pants that was still wet:
“You see, Mr. Anthony, Hana has been bad. She has a riding fetish and masturbates in the saddle. In Japan, we teach schoolgirls good behavior with a cane. But Hana here has finished high school. Now she must be taught with whips. Follow me.”
Back in the mansion Mistress Himiko led the way to one of the large rooms upstairs. It was a huge and luxurious boudoir, with a plush carpet and designer furniture. The room invited thoughts of romance and couple making tender love, and no doubt such things took place here on a regular basis. But because the room was so huge it was also used to stage semi-public punishments. People could stand in the background and there was still ample room to swing a leather whip up to 10 feet in length.
“It has been three weeks, isn’t that right Hana? Today is special. Simone here needs to know how we punish naughty girls. Undress. Take your position.”
Hana took off her riding outfit but kept on her lacy string panties and bra. The panties didn’t cover any of her bottom cheeks, a small but muscular and well rounded bottom. She leaned against the dresser but kept her legs straight. Then she arched the small of her back gracefully, so that her bare buttocks were arching up at full swell, inviting the lash.
“She has gotten it on her bare bottom many times before.” Mistress Himiko picked up the dressage whip that Hana had been playing with only hours before. “But not with this one. Look, Mr. Anthony. And Simone. This is a dressage whip. Because of its length it can generate extreme speed if used properly. Hana got it with her pants on a couple of times. But it is very different when the single tail lashes across a bare schoolgirl ass. The cracking smacks sound crisper on naked skin than cloth, and the pain is ten times more agonizing. Are you ready Hana?!”
Anthony and Simone stood next to the door, out of the way of the path of the whip. But they had a good view of Hana’s bottom as well as her face in the mirror. Mistress Himiko stood on the other side, about six feet behind Hana and to her left. She took a firm stand and measured her distance carefully. Luckily there was plenty of space in the boudoir, and the ceiling was high enough to allow for the length of the dressage whip.
Mistress Himiko put one hand on her hip and with the other she drew back the whip. Then she took a full swing and the single tail hissed through the air: Craaacckk-Smaaaccckkk!
For a split second the thin braided leather lash kissed the crown of Hana’s bottom, leaving behind a thin red stripe that quickly formed into a prominent welt. After she was done sucking for air, Hana let out a scream of agony. In the mirror Simone could see Hana’s wide open eyes and wide open mouth, still screaming. Her body was writhing from the pain, but she held on to the dresser like a good little soldier.
Craaacckk-Smaaaccckkk! The second lash rang out, echoed by the walls. Again, there was silence for a couple of seconds as Hana sucked for air. Again, she screamed, but this time she wasn’t allowed to finish her scream: Craaacckk- Smaaaccckkk! Just below the previous two stripes the thin leather tail painted another stripe on Hana’s twisting schoolgirl ass.
Simone was watching like mesmerized. She had been whipped before, but not like this. And she certainly had never witnessed another girl getting a whipping in this manner. Anthony was running his hand over Simone’s jeans bottom while watching. Unconsciously Simone opened her legs a little to allow Anthony access between her legs also.
Craaacckk-Smaaaccckkk! Simone looked at Hana’s face, the tears that were flowing like rivers now. The agony showed on her face, drool started to run out of her mouth. Her little ass contracted and then arched up again to show itself with swelling pride: Craaacckk-Smaaaccckkk!
Simone was moving her hips in a slow rhythm since Anthony had his hand now firmly between her legs. “You’ll be whipped like this too, my dear, ” he whispered into her ear while he massaged her slit through her pants. Simone grabbed her breast and watched Hana getting her ass lashed again and again: Craaacckk-Smaaaaccckkk! Whippp-Smaaaccckkk! Smaaaaccckkk! Craaacckk-Smaaaccckkk! Whippp-Smaaaccckkk! Craaacckk-Smaaaccckkk! The smacks exploded like pistol shots on Hana’s bottom for several minutes. Simone no longer felt for Hana but let her mind wander with dreams of extreme pain and pleasure. When she came it was a wet orgasm that soaked the front of her jeans. Anthony petted her bottom again and pointed to the young woman getting whipped in front of them: “Keep watching, Simone.”
Craaacckk-Smaaaccckkk! The whipping continued while Simone slowly regained her senses. Now the naked schoolgirl ass getting punished in front of her looked more like torture than pleasure. Craaacckk-Smaaaccckkk! Only silent screams followed the crack of the lash, Hana sucking for air with wide open mouth. Her butt cheeks, twisting and twitching, were full of stripes and welts, straight and criss-cross, stripes that would take weeks to fade.
Himiko waited until Hana stopped moving and arched her back again. She was not finished with poor Hana. Since Hana’s ass was almost com completely covered with whip prints, Himiko now took aim at her slender thighs: Craaacckk-Smaaaccckkk! Whippp-Smaaaccckkk! Craaacckk-Smaaaccckkk!
After the whipping Himiko encouraged Simone to take a closer look.
“You can touch her. Run your hand over it. There’s nothing more sexy when a pretty little schoolgirl ass, freshly whipped, still glowing and twitching.” Simone traced the welts with her fingers and gingerly put the palm of her hand on Hana’s bottom. Hana was whimpering now, with her eyes closed. Her bottom was glowing hot; each lash had striped her ass cheeks evenly, left and right. Half a dozen stripes adorned her upper thighs, those lashes must have hurt even more than the fifty or so lashes that had painted her bottom scarlet and ruby.
“Get up!” Mistress Himiko ordered Hana and told her to go to her room. Simone watched as Hana walked away a little gingerly, yet she swayed her hips while walking out. It’s not that she hadn’t learned her lesson. No, she was proud about the blistering stripes on her schoolgirl ass.
“You like to know? Want a little taste?” Himiko asked Simone, looking directly into her eyes. Keeping her legs straight, Simone grabbed the dresser and arched the small of her back, causing her jeans to stretch to the limit.
“What a beautiful backside you have, Simone! I see you are wearing only a string under your jeans, very good choice. But being wet between your legs is unseemly. Three lashes on your jeans bottom, since it’s your first time. In the future you’ll get many, many more, and with different kinds of whips, and all on your bare ass, like it should be.”
Himiko measured her distance again. Simone could see her in the mirror, could see how she took a full swing with the dressage whip, and then the sound: Craaacckk-Smaaaccckkk!
It took a second before she actually felt the stripe of pain on her up-turned jeans bottom. At first it felt like a burning stripe, then it became more and more intense, running up her spine. It became more painful with each second, spreading across her bottom cheeks. She didn’t scream, but she had difficulty breathing enough air. The imprint of the whip was clearly visible on her jeans.
Craaacckk-Smaaaaaaccckkk! The second lash intensified the pain. Himiko must have hit even harder. Right across the crowns of Simone’s bottom, where the jeans were stretched thinnest. This time Simone burst into tears.
“Just one more, ” Himiko said and took a full swing: Craaacckk-Smaaaaaaccckkk!
Simone kept silent, but not because she wanted to. Her mouth was wide open, trying to gulp air, and once she had sucked enough air she screamed in agony. The three lashes that had cut into the seat of her jeans had torn the denim a little. Himiko put away the dressage whip and ran her hand over Simone’s bottom.
“If I wanted to I could have whipped your jeans to shreds, my dear. And after that I could have lashed your pretty naked ass so that you won’t sit on it for two weeks. But not today. Today is just a taste of things to come. You are lovely, Simone.”
Only five minutes later the stripes on Simone’s bottom were burning pleasant rather than painful. She was thinking about Hana. The stripes on her bottom were probably still burning with unbelievable pain. She must be lying on her stomach on her bed. Simone pictured Hana, and how Hana was countering the pain inflicted on her backside by fingering herself in her panties.
“Let’s go to the room, ” she whispered Anthony into his ear. “I’m so wet between my legs. I need to fuck now. You can take me from behind and admire the fresh stripes on my ass, my lover!”

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